Why Choose SoccerDays for Toddler Football Classes

How Has COVID-19 Affected Young Children’s Activity?

We provide football classes for toddlers suitable for boys and girls as young as 2 years, with no previous experience of playing football before. All of our classes take place within a safe environment at local schools. You’ll find experienced coaches who can help your child to explore their full potential within football.

How Often Does My Child Have to Attend the Football Classes?

Your child can join one of our classes on a one-off basis or every week, the choice is yours! All sessions are tailored to suit both parents and children’s requirements as we understand due to commitments, parents and children may want to attend occasionally while others prefer regular weekly sessions.

Reasons to Try SoccerDays Football Classes

We have collated a list of reasons why you should give us a try and watch your child develop each week!

  • Our classes give your child an opportunity to interact with other children outside of their school.
  • We ensure children get a sense of belonging. The football coaching will teach them the basic skills that they need to play football as well as being active and making new friends.
  • Our classes are suitable for boys & girls aged between 2-7 years old. Our purpose is to promote physical activity in your child whilst building social skills, fitness and confidence.
  • We teach kids all kind of football skills in a very short time, and it can take as little as a few weeks to see real improvements made by your child.
  • We make sure that are classes are very safe for kids through fun activities that help develop a wide range of skills that your child with build on with each class.

How Can Your Classes Help Develop My Child?

The SoccerDay’s method has been developed by football coach professionals that know how to train kids aged between 2 & 7 through games specially designed to help your child learn in the easiest possible way whilst having fun! If you want more information about our range of football classes, you can visit our class descriptions page.

What’s the Recommended Amount of Football Classes Per Month?

At SoccerDays, we don’t apply any pressure to parent’s or kids to attend weekly classes. We recommend regular sessions each month to keep fitness, health and social skills improving. Our recommendation would be 2 classes per month to ensure consistency in the development of your child.

The Impact Coronavirus Has Had on Young Children

How has COVID-19 Affected Young Children’s Activity?

Football and sport in general, are very positive activities for children to take part in and there is much more than fitness that sport provides. Football is seen to have a positive impact on children’s mental health and well-being and children who play football regularly tend become more sociable and confident as a result as they’re required to work as a team. There are many skills within football that can be extremely valuable for children’s education.

Lockdown has been a very stressful and challenging time for a lot of families. A decrease in energy, health, fitness has led to a decline in activities. But, at SoccerDays, we are determined to get more and more children back playing and enjoying sports once again with our highly regarded football classes.

Getting your Child Back into Sports

If your child had to stay at home during the Lockdown period, we understand it may have been difficult for them to play football. However, there are lots of good reasons why they should get back into football as soon as possible. Toddler football classes (link to homepage) are a brilliant way for children to learn and develop new skills outside of school and football also helps with their health and wellbeing too. Here are some great reasons why your child should be getting back playing football.

Social Skills

Football is a very social sport in that its interactive nature involves working together as a team; this enables children to communicate better with others or work on solving problems within the group environment. Playing football gives children an opportunity to meet new people from different backgrounds and gain experience in getting along with a range of personalities.

Happiness and Self-Esteem

Football is an enjoyable sport that provides children with more than just fitness but happiness too as football helps build confidence in their abilities and learn to take on new challenges. As football offers an opportunity for your child to improve at something every day and see the benefits of their hard work on the pitch!

Health Benefits

It has been proven that football can help improve your health as footballers are known to have lower body fat percentage’s and increased upper body strength than non-footballers. Football tends to require less equipment such as boots or shin pads which means the cost of playing football is very low and sustainable for families.

Our toddler football classes are a great way to get your child back into football, we provide classes for kids aged 2-7 year olds.