Football Parties for Kids

Sweet 16 parties are are elaborate and costly – and are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Instead, we see our children attending a complete mix bag of exciting and diverse birthday parties from a much younger age, including go-karting, discos, pool parties and days out.

Oh to be a child again, with no worries in the world and non-stop parties on the social calendar. As a parent it can certainly feel like your little one’s social life is over-taking your own, but with such choice on offer it is hard to see why it wouldn’t be. Whether your child be an animal lover, a pamper queen or a keen footballer, there seems to be children’s parties to fit all bills. Bringing your child’s favourite cartoon character to them for their fifth birthday party is certainly a moment you probably will not forget as their smile beams from east to west.

Themed Children’s Birthday Parties

In more recent years, themed children’s birthday parties have become a popular venture for entrepreneurs, consequently making it fiercely competitive.

Themed birthday parties can be as extravagant or as unique as you want – popular themes include princess, spa, trampoline parks and even a cupcake decorating party!

Across the Pond, there have been stories of parents installing ice rinks in their own homes just to satisfy their child’s birthday needs.

With such a breadth on offer, it can be hard to choose just what party will put a smile on lots of little faces.

Here at SoccerDays, we see no reason to make such a grand gesture and take pride in our somewhat smaller yet just as fun birthday parties!

Book a SoccerDays Football Birthday Party

Our football birthday parties are for children aged 3-7 years, involving fun-filled party games, music, competitions and lots of prizes!

Catering for up to 25 children, two of our amazing FA qualified coaches will bring you all the quality coaching from our classes with some extra thrill & a sprinkle of magic to give your child a birthday they will never forget.

Boys and girls will have the best time at our football birthday parties, with prizes and goodies for everyone – no child will go home empty handed!

We have plenty of party games to play, including Footballs & Statues, Footy Favourites, Frantic Fans and Greatest Goals.

We’ll end the party with a football competition and a well-deserved presentation with certificates, prize giving and a special SoccerDays birthday medal for the birthday child!

All your questions about kids football parties answered!

Our diary is packed with the names of children who will be celebrating their birthdays in the world’s best way: by playing football with their mates at a brilliant party!

In case you’re wondering what our party packages involve, some parents commented that having all the details in one place would be handy.

We thought we’d put together a quick guide, from how many children you can invite, to what great fun games our coaches will put on for your child’s day, so everyone has a fantastic time.

Ready? Let’s kick off!

What ages do your birthday parties cover?

Our fun-filled events are open to any birthday girl or boy aged between three and seven years. The same ages apply to children coming as guests.

How many children can we invite?

You can invite up to 25 children within the age ranges above. That’s enough for two full-size football teams and a trio on the bench.

What do the children get up to at a SoccerDays’ football birthday party?

Now you’re talking. We’ve taken all the fun of our SoccerDays classes and added extra thrills and a sprinkle of magic to create a great birthday party, where all the children are guaranteed to have an absolutely brilliant time under the watchful eyes of two coaches.

The Party Games

Football + Music + Fun = a fantastic time

There’s no better way to get every child invited to share your kid’s special day in the best party mood than a mix of music, footy and fun? Guaranteed a great time for all the children and grown-up guests. 

SoccerDays’ footy favourites

We have hundreds of football games that kids loved during our popular weekend classes, and it was a no-brainer to roll them out at our football parties.

They’re adapted to suit all the ages and abilities of the kids taking part, so all the children get the chance to show off their football skills – such a great time!

Greatest goals, great time

This one is always a huge success. Children adore this brilliant pop-up target game, and our football coaches make sure plenty of goals are scored by the whole party!

A nail biting finish

Every brilliant party ends with a penalty shoot-out in which all the children have a chance to kick at goal, with or World Cup competition.

The coaches on the day will decide which finale to go for, depending on the number of children attending and the ages of the kids. Whichever the choice, all the guests will have so much fun and a great time!

Play and prizes

No birthday party competition would be complete without a presentation.

The birthday girl or boy, being the centre of attention, receives a medal engraved with their name, but we make sure all their guests get a certificate too. Every kid’s a winner!

Who keeps an eye on all the children?

Two of our coaches (who have all had an enhanced DBS (CRB) check) will make sure the party goes with a bang, keeping the atmosphere fun and entertaining for all the kids, all the way through to the final whistle.

Our coaches teach lots of kids at our main sessions throughout the week, and will ensure the birthday child and all their friends have a fabulous time.

Fun for all the children – and parents too!

It means while there’s lots of fun being had by the kids, the party is still coordinated and efficient, so that parents can relax and enjoy the event too, getting involved as much or little as they want.

We make sure every child, from the birthday girl or boy to all their friends, feels extra special as they enjoy playing football-themed party games with their guests.

How much set-up time do you need?

Our amazing coaches can set the football birthday party up in any indoor venue in 15 minutes, and we supply all the equipment needed. You supply the kids, sit back and watch as they have an amazing time. Back of the net!

Do the kids have to have proper football boots?

Your child’s football party will be held at a school gymnasium or sports hall facility, so the birthday child and their friends will more than likely need trainers rather than football boots.

Can we bring a birthday cake?

Absolutely! Many parents and families not only bring their own birthday cake, they also get involved by providing the party food for the kids too.

Some even put in an order with a fast food company for delivery during the child’s party.

Tables and chairs are supplied by the venues, but if you’re the party host, you can add hats and other decorations.

How long does the football fun last?

All the kids have so much fun at our football birthday parties, which generally run for 90 minutes.

The venues tend to be hired for around 30 minutes on top of that to give the birthday girl or boy and their friends a chance to scoff all the special day goodies!

Where do SoccerDays hold their birthday parties?

We hold our kids’ parties in several different locations:

  • Forest School, Snaresbrook
  • Roding Valley High, Loughton
  • Frances Bardsley School, Romford
  • The Campion School Hornchurch
  • Redden Court, Harold Wood
  • Valentines High School, Ilford
  • Woodbridge High School, Woodford Green
  • Beal High School, Ilford
  • Holy Family School, Walthamstow
  • Woodford Memorial Hall, South Woodford

Can we hire our own venue for a kids’ football party?

Of course! However, we do ask that you contact us with details of which location you are hiring so we can confirm whether it’s suitable for our particular brand of football fun, as well as a child’s party.

How much do the birthday party packages cost?

A two-hour brilliant party package for up to 25 children, aged 3-7 costs £285. A £50 deposit is required as part of the booking process.

Can we book a football party today?

Of course! To check availability details or secure the date you want for your birthday party, you can contact us on 01268 410680, between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday, or email to make your booking request.

Alternatively, you fill out the contact form here to send us all the booking details (including the number of children) and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Here To Stick Around

It is easy to overlook stickers as something we give to amuse our little ones for a moment’s peace and quiet. For something so simple, easy and cheap, stickers bring more to the development of young children than first meets the eye.

A bright and eye-catching stimulus, the sticker comes in a range of different formats. If you walk into a local supermarket or toy store, it is likely you can find a sticker for just about any childhood interest. With stickers coming in the shape of dinosaurs, burgers, fire engines and tiara’s, they are definitely catering to the masses.

Reasons Why Every Child Should Play with Stickers

Playing with stickers can help children develop so many skills, not forgetting stickers can help to bring big smiles to the faces of kids of all ages!

For some children, stickers can help to improve their grasp. Stickers can be really fiddly to use, so teaching children how to hold a sheet and peel back something fiddly is a skill worth learning. Stickers also encourage bilateral hand coordination skills for many functional tasks, including zipping up a coat and cutting with scissors. Stickers also encourage sensory exploration, including discovering textures of smooth, scratchy and fuzzy.

Children need strength in the small muscles of their hands to carry out tasks such as holding a pencil and doing up buttons, so with stickers being as small as they are, children can build up their strength with the fiddly activity.

Developing Skills at A Young Age

In order to grow and develop as a child, it is essential that the environment around us stimulate the brain. If we delve into the science side of things, connections between brain cells develop extensively up to the age of 5. These connections are called synapses. Medical evidence suggests that a child’s later intelligence is heavily based around the synapses they have developed at an earlier stage in life. Stickers have been told to help develop these connections as collecting and playing with them leads children to think about colour correlations and sizing of the stickers, they may then progress onto ordering these and creating their own logic in their mind. In addition to this, fine motor skills will be developed. Fine motor skills are produced through small movements in the hands, fingers and wrists. Familiarising pupils with their use of these at a young age could help them to develop skills such as handwriting quicker upon starting school.

Some stickers will even develop the sensory exploration of children as they have refined surfaces that may feel or appear different on the eye.

Panini Football Stickers

Furthermore, stickers such as the Panini Football Stickers not only help to develop skills at a young age but also help to develop the child’s knowledge on the topic.

A 7-year-old who can reel off football players names, ages and clubs in which they play for is pretty impressive; especially when they have processed this information themselves through playing with stickers!

Lastly, we must not forget the joy of using stickers as a reward. Receiving a tangible reward is exciting for children as they can visually see and touch the pride of their parents. Rewarding them with stickers as opposed to time on a tablet or computer can help them to value their own attitude and behaviour in a positive way and not take things for granted: they’re here to stick around.

Football Classes for Toddlers

Develop your child’s skills further at one of our football classes for toddlers, designed to develop essential skills including communication and language, physical development and personal, social and emotional skills.

Book a free trial today with no obligation – we look forward to seeing you at a football class with SoccerDays soon!

Disney FA Girls’ Football Week – FA For Girls

As part of the FA’s Gameplan For Growth, this month see’s the second annual Girl’s Football Week. In a bid to inspire and encourage young girls to become more active, the FA have teamed up with Disney to bring some sparkle to the pitch and celebrate girls in football. Football classes with SoccerDays are targeted to increase participation within young girls.

Disney Inspired Football Sessions

Enlisting qualified coaches to lead Disney inspired sessions, the FA hope to involve girls of all abilities. At the forefront of the campaign are the bold, inspiring and determined characters including Moana, Repunzel and Judy Hopps, all best known for taking their destiny into their own hands. Through a range of interesting and exciting activities, young girls will be inspired by the profound confidence of these Disney characters. Furthermore, opening up opportunities may help young girls explore avenues they have not done before and ignite their dreams no matter what they may be.

Why attend the Disney Inspired Football Sessions?

Kelly Simmons, The FA participation and development director praises the project immensely, stating that the project hopes to make football “relevant and attractive” for young girls by ensuring every session is “inspiring and fun”

Packs are currently being distributed to schools, clubs and homes nationwide and for all those that participate, a 20% discount voucher is also being rewarded.

Experiences with Disney and the FA

This is just another step Disney are taking to promote a commitment to healthy living through the use of their characters. In the lead up to the event, they have released a short film based on the three inspiring young girls from Coalville Town Football Club and how they have displayed the strong and determined traits of our much loved Disney characters. See the short film below

Furthermore, the lucky lioness’ were given a treat as on a recent trip to Orlando they had the opportunity to meet the likes of Minnie Mouse and explore the Magic Kingdom.

Jill Scott, one of only 10 players to have earned 100 caps for the lioness’ has got behind girls football week. Scott, 31, insists that “Women’s football is just getting bigger and better and it’s a privilege to be a part of it, especially during weeks like this.”

How can young children get involved?

Boasting an impressive career, Scott want’s to inspire as many young girls as possible to take the leap of faith and drive for success in football, even running her own football camps to do just this.

The week long initiative will hope to inspire girls not only for the week, but for life long participation in a sport that is loved by many. If you are interested to find out more about SoccerDays and sign up please follow the link below