A Recipe for Confidence

As parents, helping our children to grow in confidence and be happy in life tends to come at the forefront of our lives. Giving your child the opportunity to participate and engage with sports, such as our football classes for toddlers, could well be the key ingredient to do this.

Despite the positives of exercise on a child’s mental well-being being less known about than those that are physical, British Heart Foundation researchers’ detail that those children participating in regular activity present an increase in confidence, peer acceptance and friendship and even attention span.

At a time where children have the chance to do whatever they may please at just the touch of a button, it is easy for them to become consumed in other pursuits such as using tablets and watching TV. However, to promote the confidence of young people and in turn, increase the likelihood of them possessing this confidence into adolescence, sport seems to be the answer!

Give Your Children the Chance to Grow in Confidence

With a plethora of sporting opportunities available for children, there is certainly something for everyone! May your little one be a twinkle toes, a mini mover or a small swimmer, sport will teach them to grow in confidence, embrace challenges and present a boost in self-esteem.

Parents are quick to praise us on our ability to give children these chances to grow in confidence. We have put together the key ingredients to the confidence pie, something we want all of our children participating in sport to have a slice of.

  • Encouragement: Nothing will get your little ones beaming with a smile more than being told you are proud of them. Encouraging them to keep trying their best and supporting whatever they choose to do will no doubt turn them into a confident, risk taking individual.
  • New experiences: It can definitely be daunting going to a new place for the first time, even for us adults! However, the longer we put this off the harder it gets. Introducing children to new people and places from a young age will set them up for later challenges in their life such as starting school.
  • Team work: Team games help to teach young people how to work with others and share responsibility. Teaching the children to share and communicate with their teammates is one of the most important elements of our classes. Enforcing this from a young age means our children grow into kind, confident young adults and form blossoming friendships within their teams.
  • A sense of belonging: a part of being confident is feeling like those around you appreciate and support you. With increased self-esteem, our children will naturally fit into team settings, making them a great listener and giving them the capability to work well with others. Having a sense of belonging means children are likely to be less shy and nervous when facing new challenges.

Becoming confident in these environments can help children to develop friendships and bonds with others that will help them to grow and gain new social skills. Watching your little one grow in character, along with their new friends is enough to put a smile on any parent’s face. Introducing children to peers at a young age not only helps them understand others and grow in confidence but may also set them up with friends for life.

Confidence is something that needs to be acquired, not inherited, start today by widening your little one’s horizons and helping them discover new and exciting challenges.

Commenting Laura Erskine, spokes mum for Mummypages.co.uk said:

“As parents, we all want our children to grow up and become confident, resilient and happy people. There is no better way to foster confidence and improve self-esteem in children than through sport. And of course, the younger they start, the more they are likely to carry this love of sport through their primary and secondary education, helping them with much more than just their physical development. Physical exercise is vital for healthy mental development and coping skills, as well as those all-important motor planning and basic gross motor skills that are lacking in so many young children these days.”

Increase Your Kids Confidence with SoccerDays Football Classes

As you can see, sport really does have a positive affect on our little ones physical and mental wellbeing. If you think your child could benefit from flourishing in confidence and skill through football, why not book in for one of our football classes for toddlers? We offer 45 minutes of fun for FREE with no obligation at your Essex and East London venues! Find your nearest venue and book a trial today. We look forward to seeing you soon!