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Soccerdays Football Classes : Using imagination


Children have a wonderful imagination! Their minds are full of creative concepts and ideas. If this is the case then surely it means having imaginative methods are the best way to teach children in whatever they learn. Within our toddler football classes we include many imaginative games in order to engage young children, our games […]

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Soccerdays Football Classes - My First Club

My First Club

For some children starting their first ever club can be quite daunting! entering a totally different environment, meeting new friends and coaches for the first time can be a challenge to overcome, even for adults starting a club or new working environment can feel a touch awkward. Our staff are aware children all take their […]

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Christmas Gift ideas from SoccerDays

10 Football Gift Ideas for Kids

If you are still looking for some inspiration for last minute Christmas present ideas the SoccerDays Team have put together 10 football themed gifts for all the football mad children out there, we hope you enjoy the selection we found below! Smart Ball Speed Ball Football Smart Ball Kick Up Football Zoids Scriball Colouring Ball […]

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Soccerdays- Praise

The Impact of Praise

As the age old saying goes; “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me!” However, it is important not to overlook the impact words can have on our young ones, especially positive ones! Naturally, as parents we want to tell the world about every small milestone our child achieves, but […]

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Soccerdays - Womans World Cup

Women’s World Cup 2019

Commencing next month, the anticipation for women’s world cup is building! Taking place in France, 24 teams face the group stages across 9 different locations, including Parc Olympique in Lyon. It is hoped that England will follow in the successful footsteps of their male counterparts in last year’s Men’s world cup! Some suspect that England […]

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Soccerdays - Why parents should encourage their children to play sport.

Why parents should encourage their children to play sport.

When becoming a parent, it is fair to say that we want to give our children everything we can, that will allow them to grow up as happy, healthy and independent young people. That said, it is a real hard job to do that all ourselves, and that we can still give our young ones […]

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Magical Motor Skills from SoccerDays football classes

Magical Motor Skills

The development of our young ones in their early years certainly flashes before our eyes. One day it’s all hands and knee’s and the next we are speeding after them. Whilst a lot of this development is of course down to great parenting, we also have science to thank for the fast evolution of young […]

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SoccerDays happy CHristmas

Happy Christmas from everyone at SoccerDays

In the spirit of festive cheer, this week’s blog will make you shed a tear. The happy kind of tear, best appropriate at this time of year!   What is to follow is hilarious, folks. Some good, old fashioned, football jokes. Share these jokes with your little ones to tell around the dinner table on Christmas day, there […]

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Better Coordination Will Help Children Achieve At School

Better Coordination Will Help Children Achieve At School

It is widely discussed how sport and physical activity can help improve young children’s social, emotional and physical health. Researchers at The University of Leeds recently led a study that digs even deeper than this. Just over 300 children aged 4-11 took part in the study that used computer-based tasks to measure their co-ordination and […]

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SoccerDays Football classes

Street Child World Cup

Once again, football has been used as a tool to unite nations, coming together to celebrate culture and talent around the world. From reading the first line you may have thought this blog was about the upcoming World Cup – but you’d be wrong! Prior to the World Cup commencing on 14th June, the Street […]

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Football Parties for Kids

Sweet 16 parties are are elaborate and costly – and are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Instead, we see our children attending a complete mix bag of exciting and diverse birthday parties from a much younger age, including go-karting, discos, pool parties and days out. Oh to be a child again, with no worries […]

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Here To Stick Around

It is easy to overlook stickers as something we give to amuse our little ones for a moment’s peace and quiet. For something so simple, easy and cheap, stickers bring more to the development of young children than first meets the eye. A bright and eye-catching stimulus, the sticker comes in a range of different […]

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Soccerdays Disney FA

Disney FA Girls’ Football Week – FA For Girls

As part of the FA’s Gameplan For Growth, this month see’s the second annual Girl’s Football Week. In a bid to inspire and encourage young girls to become more active, the FA have teamed up with Disney to bring some sparkle to the pitch and celebrate girls in football. Football classes with SoccerDays are targeted […]

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SoccerDays Toddler football classes

Winning or Losing

The age-old argument of whether young children should participate in competitive sports is one that ruffles a lot of feathers. An opinion that is very much divided, how do we decide if our little ones should be facing the trials and tribulations of winning or losing at such a young age? Of course, winning and […]

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The Love of Sport Seems to Have No Limit

The love of sport seems to have no limit. People in all corners of the world celebrate and share a compelling enthusiasm for sport, despite any barriers that may seem to get in the way. Along with the help of medicine, science and technology, sport is no longer just something that able-bodied people can thrive in. […]

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Soccerdays A-Z of being healthy

Being Healthy A to Z

Leading on from our previous blog post about the mental health benefits that exercise brings to young ones, this week we are exploring the physical health benefits that giving your children a healthy, active, lifestyle brings. It is hard to believe that the word “obese” can be used to describe a child so early on […]

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Soccerdays - Confidence

A Recipe for Confidence

As parents, helping our children to grow in confidence and be happy in life tends to come at the forefront of our lives. Giving your child the opportunity to participate and engage with sports, such as our football classes for toddlers, could well be the key ingredient to do this. Despite the positives of exercise […]

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Gift of the Girls

As the UEFA Women’s Euro rolls onto our TV screens this month, here at SoccerDays we believe that females are dominating the field with a fearless nature in one of the nations most loved sports – football! With such a fantastic turnout of young girls at our football classes, particularly at The Campion School on […]

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