My First Club

For some children starting their first ever club can be quite daunting! entering a totally different environment, meeting new friends and coaches for the first time can be a challenge to overcome, even for adults starting a club or new working environment can feel a touch awkward. Our staff are aware children all take their own time to find their feet, the coaches always give that extra helping hand and plenty of encouragement to ensure children attending their first time and weeks are happy and settle in comfortably!

After participating in our fun games and interacting with new friends of a similar age all of a sudden the shyness disappears and the confidence gained is very much apparent, children are soon speaking to their parents excitedly throughout the week looking forward to their next weekend football class!

At our toddler football classes we find children’s confidence improves immensely, even just after a few weeks of attending. The classes give children an early and positive introduction to sport and encourages them to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, joining a toddler football club also benefits children’s confidence for playing sport when they start School, starting School clubs or just running around and having the confidence to participate and play games with friends in the playground!