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Football Coaching Specially for Young Children

Coaching from experience

SoccerDays was launched in 2015 with the aim to create fun football classes which enhance children’s confidence and life skills. The Director’s of SoccerDays have over 30 years experience of teaching sport to young children, with the knowledge gained over the years the company have designed a unique training programme to teach football skills combined with games for aiding physical development, social and communication skills.

Our attitude to go the extra mile and exceed expectations is why our football classes have grown to become so popular with parents and children.

We structure our training programme to be fun and exciting, the games and staff encourage children to build confidence and self esteem at every available opportunity!

SoccerDays Pre-School Football Classes

SoccerDays Toddler Football Classes

Instrumental in achieving such a positive experience for children is to ensure our coaching staff are of the highest calibre.

We recognise the coach is paramount to the success of the business, the ability to interact and engage with young pre-school children requires many individual qualities and skills.

Also our easy to follow football training programme enables children to have fun and participate within a pressure free environment, whilst also giving opportunities for children to improve their physical, personal, social, emotional, communication and language development areas all recommended by the Department of Education Early Years Foundation Stage.

We are proud to achieve such a high standard of coaching and strive to ensure children always enjoy and feel confident within our classes.

We guarantee that you’ll see the benefits from the very first session – every week your child will be excited and eagerly awaiting their next SoccerDays class!


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