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Football Coaching Specially for Young Children

We create football coaching especially for young children

Back in 2015, we started SoccerDays with a straightforward goal – to make football classes a blast for kids while also helping them build confidence and essential life skills.

The directors at SoccerDays have been teaching sports to little ones for over 30 years. With all that experience, we’ve put together a special training program. It’s not just about learning football skills; it’s about having tons of fun with games that help children grow both physically and socially.

What makes us stand out is our dedication to going the extra mile. That’s why parents and kids can’t get enough of our football classes. We’re not just about drills; we’re here to inspire and bring out the joy in being active and healthy.

Our training is structured, but from the kids’ point of view it’s all about fun and excitement. Most importantly, it’s easy to follow. SoccerDays classes help children get better in lots of ways; physically, socially, emotionally, and even with their communication skills, and it’s all in line with the government’s statutory guidance for Early Years Foundation Stage.

SoccerDays Pre-School Football Classes

SoccerDays Toddler Football Classes

Having top-notch coaches is a big part of what we’re all about

Our fantastic coaching team plays a vital role in making sure kids have a great time and thrive. 

Being able to connect with and engage little preschoolers takes a special set of skills. It’s not just about knowing the game; it’s about being awesome with kids.

We’re really proud of the high-quality coaching we offer, thanks to our amazing staff. 

They are there every step of the way, encouraging kids to build confidence and self-esteem. SoccerDays is all about turning learning into an adventure!

We guarantee that you’ll see the benefits from the very first session. But don’t take our word for it, book a free session today.


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