Class Info


We want to make all SoccerDays classes as safe and enjoyable as possible. Therefore, please take a few moments to familiarise yourself with the guidelines and code of conduct below.

Things your child will need

  • Something to drink, preferably water.
  • Suitable clothing, eg. t-shirt or sports top and shorts.
  • Suitable footwear eg. trainers (classes are held indoors).

Parent participation

  • New children in the younger age category (2-3½) may require assistance from their parents/carer for the first session or two.
  • If you do assist, please wear appropriate footwear, ie trainers.

At the classes – code of conduct

  • Parents are required to stay and watch their child’s training session.
  • Please sign out with the register if you have to leave the session early to comply with emergency evacuation procedures.
  • Please ensure your child is not running around the training or waiting area prior to the start of the session.
  • Please ensure that siblings are sitting down and do not run onto the training area during sessions.
  • In the interest of the children being coached, please keep noise to a minimum.
  • Please keep obstacles eg buggies safely away from the playing area.
  • Parents are required to bring drink (ideally water) for their child to each session, though no food to be eaten during the training session to avoid any chance of choking.
  • To comply with our safeguarding and child protection policy and best practice, SoccerDays request parents/carers ‘must not’ take either photographs or videos at our classes.
  • As our coaching staff are participating within the class we cannot always guarantee this and we ask for parents/carers full cooperation. SoccerDays may organise a class photo shoot but only with the parent’s consent.
  • It is at the coach’s discretion if they believe a child needs a timeout period to calm down with their parent/carer. Please support us during this time.
  • If you want to discuss matters relating to class bookings, please do so with Head Office and not and not the coaches. Coaches are happy to discuss anything relating to the coaching and your child’s progress.