Football coaching made specially for young children

Class Descriptions

SoccerDays classes

Parents can assess SoccerDays classes anytime by booking a Free Trial class for their child. We’ve created three classes with tailored training programmes suited for each age group, making sure children get the most from each class week after week, classes are fun and engaging with plenty of encouragement aiming to build children’s confidence at all times.


For 2-3½ year olds

In the Yellow Class, children develop a foundation of social skills, while getting used to the ball and learning how to kick with confidence. Essential football skills will begin to take shape: dribbling, changing direction, stopping the ball. See your child grow in confidence and being part of a team.

For 3½-5 year olds

In the Orange Class, children learn more techniques and gain an understanding of basic team play. They develop better control whilst running with and stopping the ball. Striking skills for passing and shooting get stronger, self- confidence builds and making friends becomes natural.

For 5-7 year olds

In the Red Class, improved concentration and understanding enables children to practice a wider range of skills, and within their own ability range. More time is spent playing matches, becoming more confident practicing within a game situation and showing better awareness of positional play.