Magical Motor Skills

The development of our young ones in their early years certainly flashes before our eyes. One day it’s all hands and knee’s and the next we are speeding after them. Whilst a lot of this development is of course down to great parenting, we also have science to thank for the fast evolution of young children.

Motor skills are learned movements that the body produces. Even by the age of 4 months, your baby could be showing off their learned motor skills, rolling from side to side. For the rest of their lives, this is a movement they will know how to process in their brains, and therefore produce! Pretty amazing, hey? Motor skills can even be broken into two categories; gross and fine. As you might expect, gross describes the larger muscle movements such as running, jumping and crawling. Whereas fine describes smaller movements often involving the fingers or toes.

As children begin to grow bigger, as does their repertoire of motor skills. This development means they are able to start taking part in activities that will strengthen and develop these skills even further. This is because over time, basic motor skills such as walking, moving arms and shaking the head can combine to master more complex skills such as kicking and throwing.

Kicking is certainly an important motor skill to us here at SoccerDays, but as well as kicking, our exciting classes encourage young ones to build and develop a wide range of their motor skills such as running, jumping, changing direction and balancing.

As well as this, our fun and engaging activities develops spatial awareness, and build children’s confidence too.