SoccerDays football sessions: the perfect introduction to physical activity for toddlers

Parents and carers of toddlers know that there isn’t much time in the day when their little ones are still. Almost the moment they go from wobbly walkers to speedy runners, they are on the go.

Of course, we know there’s a lot more to this physical activity than zooming around the garden. Each movement is part of a much bigger developmental journey.

At SoccerDays, our fun football classes are tailored for three specific age groups, aiming to support girls and boys as they grow, both physically, emotionally and socially.

They’re the perfect introduction to physical activity for kids at a young age.

What are the best physical activities for toddlers?

Almost everything can be a great daily physical activity for preschoolers, whether it’s running, skipping, having a dance to some lively music, or taking the dogs for a walk.

They can all contribute toward building strong bones and muscles in toddlers, while any adults who join in can also feel the health benefits.

The Great British weather doesn’t always make it easy to play outside, but we’ve got a great alternative: our fun football classes.

Held in indoor venues across the region, they are a great way for your little one to run off their energy in a clean, safe environment. They are also brilliant for their development.

Gross motor skills

When babies move from tummy time to crawling and walking, they start to develop what are known as their gross motor skills.

They involve large muscle groups, and include walking and running, but also jumping and kicking a ball.  

Fine motor skills

As the name suggests, these motor skills rely on smaller muscle groups and concentrate on dexterity. They include using the hands and feet, fingers and toes.

Our Yellow Class

Aimed at 2 to 3½-year-olds, our Yellow Class helps children use various body movements to help them exercise.

Getting used to a ball, learning how to dribble, stop and change direction, as well as kicking supports the development of their gross motor skills.

Our Orange Class

As they get older, they progress to the next class, for 3½ to 5-year-olds.

Here, we focus on how to run with and stop the ball, while also enhancing their abilities to pass and shoot, working on all their motor skills.

As they learn to better control their body movements, the toddlers’ confidence blossoms.

Our Red Class

When the children turn five, they move into our third and final class. Because they are older, they are able to understand and concentrate more, allowing them to learn and practice more skills using different parts of their feet. They play more matches, developing both their football abilities and their social confidence.

Putting the fun first

At SoccerDays, our football classes are developed in line with the government’s statutory guidance for Early Years Foundation Stage.

That said, fun always comes first. That is why so many toddlers and preschoolers love them.

All our games and activities are inclusive and engaging, and we work hard to make sure all the toddlers who attend have a great time.

Our coaches create a pressure-free place where they encourage toddlers to use their imaginations and express themselves.

Little ones can feel confident about what they are doing and play at their own pace. It’s easy to follow and exciting, and all delivered in a 45-minute session.

The benefits of physically active preschoolers

Of course while the toddlers and preschoolers have a whale of a time playing games and making new friends, all the adults know there’s a lot more going on.

Apart from the joy on their faces, we know we’re hopefully building the foundation for a life-long love of exercise and staying healthy.

The toddlers may not grow up to be fans of the beautiful game but many enjoy the feeling that regular exercise with other children and active play can give them.

Our goal is to ignite that spark.

Creative coaches 

It takes a special person to connect with toddlers. We’re proud of the vital role our coaching team has in making sure every girl and boy has an amazing time at every SoccerDays football session.

They guide and encourage all the toddlers and preschoolers to have lots of fun, enjoy the active play and feel great about themselves and their friends.


It’s always wonderful to see so many smiling faces at all our classes and we’re always grateful when parents and carers tell us what impact we’re having.

Helen Fox wrote: “Both my boys have attended SoccerDays in Loughton and I would highly recommend. Coach Siv and his team are just brilliant. The kids love him and somehow they manage to get 20 odd kids to sit and listen each week. Not only is it a good intro to football but it’s great exercise, and the kids learn about listening, sharing, socialising and having fun. The classes are always well structured yet varied.”

Jamie Xavier wrote: “Started taking our 2 and a half year old recently and have been impressed with it. Coaches Siv and Hassan are absolutely fantastic with the kids and I can see how much our son has developed already. We recommended them to a couple of our friends who have since signed up. Keep up the excellent work guys!”

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