Football for five year olds

We know the joy young children get from being able to kick a ball about, play games and have fun with their friends – we see it all the time at our football sessions. 

Each one is packed with lively games and tasks: there’s noise, laughter and lots and lots of fun. But we also know there’s a lot more going on than a group of kids having a good time. 

The age of five can be a critical one for many youngsters, that’s why our football classes are designed to support them in so many ways. 

Football training for each age group

At SoccerDays, we offer three classes that are designed for children aged from two to seven years, whether they have any football skills or not. 

Each one features games and challenges that are specifically aimed at helping them develop physically, mentally and socially. 

The Orange and Red classes cater to five year old girls and boys, many of which, by this stage, are able to skip, jump and hop while also maintaining a good balance. 

Under the watchful eyes of our vetted coaches, children attending our football sessions are able to hone and improve these motor skills at their own pace.

Beyond basic football skills

Our sessions don’t just provide a chance for children to play football. They’re also a great way to support their growth and development. 

For example: most of the five year old girls and boys in our Orange class are more aware of their surroundings. They tend to be more confident with body movements, so they’re able to learn more skills. 

These youngsters also start to understand the basics of team play, while their physical development comes on in leaps and bounds. 

They are better able to run with and stop the ball, while their striking skills for passing and shooting get stronger. At the same time, their confidence grows and making friends becomes a natural part of the process. 

Red football classes

This development continues as they grow. Five-year-olds moving into our Red class, home to the oldest age group, are able to kick things up a gear. 

During their sessions with our football coaches, girls and boys improve their co ordination. They learn how to kick and control the ball using different parts of the foot and spend more time playing matches. 

That increases their awareness of positional play and boosts their confidence – but it’s not the only advantage. 

We know that our football training sessions help focus their concentration. Not only does it help them practise a wider range of football skills, their social development can also spill over into their home and school lives, positively affecting their behaviour. 

A safe, friendly environment

We make sure every child attending our football classes has a great time and learns at their own speed in a pressure-free environment. 

Our coaches aim to build the foundations of an active and healthy lifestyle using fun football games, while supporting the children’s development and confidence. 

The SoccerDays training programme encourages all the five year old girls and boys to use their imaginations and express themselves, as well as learning to follow instructions and be a team player. 

Developing skills for life 

Our football coaches always go above and beyond to support all the girls and boys who come to our sessions. 

They make sure every single child goes home with a big smile on their faces, having had a great time with their friends. 

The parents who accompany their kids see for themselves how much fun their five year olds have. They watch as their little ones become more confident and develop skills such as working in a team, they can draw on for years to come.  

There’s no wonder they’re ready and eager to go every week. 

Give your five year old a great start 

If your youngster has bags of energy and loves to have fun, why not bring them along to one of our football classes? 

We hold them continuously at school gymnasiums or sports hall facilities throughout the year apart from the Christmas, Easter and summer holidays. You can also book our coaches for birthday parties

Book your free trial 

If your child is a little shy around others or isn’t a massive football fan – we promise it’s not compulsory – give them a taste with a 45-minute free trial. 

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