5 Top Tips to Help Your Child Improve their Football Skills Before Classes

Children should be encouraged to get involved with sport. Through our years of experience in running football classes for 1,000’s of toddlers, we know the skills that can be passed onto your child through football.

In order to help improve your child’s football skills, we have collated our top 5 tips to helping develop and improve your child’s football skills outside of our football classes to help them improve their skills further.

SoccerDays Top 5 Tips:

  1. Encouragement – We always want each child to feel encouraged to express themselves when playing football. As a parent, you can help them to become more confident by cheering them on at the side line (but keep it friendly!).
  2. Goal Size – A toddler will learn a lot by competing against other children on the same level as them. When they are finding their feet, it is important to set smaller goals for your child and reward them with praise when they achieve those milestones first.
  3. Practice – When your child attends one of SoccerDays football classes, he/she will learn new techniques that can be practiced at home or in a local park. Having fun and making friends should always be the most important factor in attending one of our classes because this will motivate children to attend more often and develop further.
  4. Healthy Diet – Although toddler football classes are not based around healthy eating, it is important that we encourage children to have healthy snacks where possible. If they have a healthy diet whilst attending toddler football classes, their body will be able to develop and recover quicker after training sessions or matches.
  5. Respect – Respecting other children is an important factor when attending toddler football classes. This will help your child to develop social skills and allow them to play with others of a similar age more easily.

At SoccerDays, we always strive to give your child the best and most fun experience within our toddler football classes. For more information, head to our find a class pages to find your nearest football class!