Toddler football training with SoccerDays

Many kids enjoy playing football, but does your little one want to do more than kick a ball around the garden or the local park? Bring them to a SoccerDays toddler football session.

Toddler football training can be a great way for children to have fun and make new friends. It can also lay the foundation for a healthy lifestyle, while also supporting their social and physical development.

Of course there are a few questions to be answered before signing up. Here are our 10 tips to ensure your youngster gets the most out of a toddler football training session.

Is it age-appropriate?

Toddlers have different developmental needs than older children, so it’s important to find football training designed for how old they are. At Soccerdays, we have three classes that are specifically tailored to the needs of the age group they cover.

Is it conveniently close?

We make it as simple as possible to take your toddler to a football training session by holding them across the region. Check out our map to find your nearest class. 

Are the coaches qualified?

Absolutely. SoccerDays’ directors have more than 30 years’ experience of teaching sport to young children. We have coaches who are Football Association qualified and have undergone an enhanced DBS (CRB) check and we provide two coaches for each class.

What are the equipment and facilities like?

We hold our toddler football training sessions at selected school sports halls or gymnasiums in the region, so we know they are clean and fit for purpose. We only ever use equipment that is suitable for the children in each class. 

Is a football kit provided?

We recommend children wear sports clothes and trainers when they come for our free taster session. If you sign up to our toddler football classes, the registration fee includes a football shirt, shorts and socks.

What do the toddlers learn?

First and foremost, our football sessions are about having fun, so the children learn to relax and have a good time at each class! As well as lots of games, each tailored group focuses on developmental goals that evolve as they grow older, from controlling their body movements to sophisticated football skills, such as dribbling, passing and shooting.

What’s the atmosphere like?

The best way for your child to find out if they like our toddler football sessions is to try one. That’s why we offer a free, 45-minute trial. They get to have some fun, while parents can see for themselves what SoccerDays offers.

Is it a competitive environment?

The main aim of a SoccerDays toddler football training session is for everyone to have a great time. Our coaches focus on developing the children’s skills, both physical and social, rather than competition. Football is a team sport, after all.

Can the parents stay?

Yes, in fact we request they stay on the premises to observe their children. For very little ones attending their first toddler football training session, knowing mum or dad is on the sidelines can help them settle. It’s also good for the older children, who love to show off their developing skills!

What do the other parents say?

We welcome all constructive feedback and ideas at SoccerDays. We’re thrilled to say the vast majority of parents who bring their children to our toddler football sessions are delighted, and happily share their views about us on social media and our website.

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