Full-time fun for everyone: SoccerDays toddler football classes

There’s a special kind of magic that happens when children discover sport for the first time, and we see it a lot at SoccerDays’ toddler football classes.

Whether it’s the thrill scoring a goal or making new friends and being part of a team, it’s always exciting to see and be a part of.

More than just a good time

Of course as adults we know there’s more to having a kickabout than just a bit of fun for kids.

There’s the health benefits that come with any physical activity, as well as the increased co-ordination and motor skills, not to mention those all-important social skills that can last a lifetime.

But toddlers in our football classes don’t understand any of that – and rightly so! to them, sport is all about having a good time with your friends.

That’s why our football classes focus on fun, first and foremost. But there’s so much more to a Soccerdays session. Settle back and read on!

A fun way to boost child development

Soccerdays Toddler Football classes

These days, there’s a lot of pressure from an early age for little ones to achieve milestones, whether it’s riding a bike, or hitting reading and writing targets at school.

Most parents know their child’s abilities and will look for ways to support them in areas they might find challenging. That’s where SoccerDays can come in.

Toddlers’ imaginations can be inspiring and surprising, and our coaches will use them to help them learn everything from ball skills to social skills, while also teaching them the basics of football – and having fun at the same time.

Building confidence, one kick at a time

Toddler Football classes at SoccerDays

Being in a group can sometimes be intimidating, especially for shy boys and girls, but our sessions are carefully crafted to ensure everyone gets a chance to shine, no matter their age group.

Our coaches use fun games and activities to get the best out of the children in each group, making each session something the little ones want to come back to again and again.

The best part is: the more the children enjoy it, the more their confidence grows, and the more they are encouraged by our coaches and their parents.

How can I get my two-year-old to play football?

We know lots of children that are dynamos: they spend their days bombing around creches, parks, school and (of course) at home.

Having lots of energy is great, but persuading your little one to expend it on sport can be easier said than done, so we say: don’t sweat it.

Not every boy or girl is a football fan but we know they all love to have fun. That’s why our classes focus on games, activities and play, rather than encouraging competition – we know there’s plenty of time for that!

What important skills can they learn?

Soccerdays Football classes for Boys and Girls

Kids who join our fun football sessions think they’re just having a great time with their mates, but there are some important developmental skills little ones can learn too.

Physical skills

Let’s kick off with the physical benefits of our football sessions. Our coaches make sure every kid gets to run around and have fun, but each class is tailored to the age group it covers.

Yellow Class (2-3½ year olds)

In this class, kids develop fundamental movement with their bodies, such as keeping their balance, while also getting used to the ball.

They learn to kick with confidence, and essential football skills begin to take shape: dribbling, changing direction and stopping the ball.

Orange Class (3½-5 year olds)

Here, children show greater awareness of their surroundings and are more confident using different body movements. They learn more skills and gain understanding of basic team play.

The kids develop better control: running with and stopping the ball, striking skills for passing and shooting get stronger.