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For children, learning should not stop when they leave the classroom. It’s a fact that our little ones have more energy than they possibly need – which is why going to an after school club is such a good idea! After school clubs can be a great way to not only use up this energy (preparing for a peaceful night’s sleep), but to also help build social, emotional and personal skills to set young ones up for life!

The Benefits of After School Clubs

Parents may associate after school club with extortionate fee’s and mum/dad’s taxi service. The benefits of after school clubs far exceed this mythical worry. After school clubs cover an array of areas, meaning no matter what interests your child has, it’s likely that there will be something for everyone! From scouts to skating and football to farming, the breadth of choice just about matches the huge range of benefits that after school clubs can offer.

Building Life Long Skills

As a young person, building social skills is essential. Being part of a club, team or group will teach a young person how to communicate with others in a variety of situations. Having involvement with other young people will teach a young person how to value other people and appreciate their talents and abilities. A group situation is a perfect opportunity to learn from others, to share knowledge and share experiences.

Not only will your child become an effective communicator, but they will also significantly improve their emotional development. Empathy is something that when developed, is a valuable and beautiful trait to possess. Your child can use empathy and understanding throughout their life to strengthen and form friendships and relationships. Being in a positive and productive environment is a great place to learn about others.

SoccerDays Football Classes for Toddlers

Although one of the hardest things of being a parent is watching your little one grow and become more independent, it is also one of the most precious. After school and weekend clubs are a haven for driving independence and confidence in young people. Being in an environment where there is less reliance on an adult teaches children to think for themselves, improving their problem-solving skills and determination.

At SoccerDays, we want to offer young children a chance to build and develop all these important qualities to lead them to a happy and successful life. Sign up to one of our taster sessions today and find out how we can help your child develop essential skills with toddler football coaching!